Saliva Drug testing to new NZ Standards

Manage risk and hazards of drug and alcohol

Saliva drug testing and urine drug testing at your workplace provide the ability to determine recent use or habitual use. Saliva as a drug test specimen uses drug cutoff concentrations which correlates to acute impairment and drug levels in the blood. If it's in the saliva it's in the blood and if its on the blood it’s affecting the safe performance of tasks.
Education / Training
Drugwise offers Education / Training services and can assist with the development of your workplace policy and procedures.
  • Write or edit your workplace policy and procedure
  • Drug Education / Awareness and Training- workplace or community
  • Comprehensive education / awareness presentations for employees
  • NZQA training including refresher training ideal for those managing the testing process in the workplace
  • Toolbox and training presentations for workplaces
  • Management training to assist supervisors, Health and Safety and Human resources to effectively manage any alcohol and other drug testing process, , policy and consequences of drug test results.

Expert opinion

Drugwise have a Biomedical scientist available at all times to support you with expert advice and information to see you through any drug test procedure, the result and consequences. Drugwise provide you access to its group of NZ and international experts for:
  • Medical review of drug test results,
  • Expert testimony on Drug results, process,
  • Standards Policy and process development.
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