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Protecting workplaces, people and jobs.

We have a nationwide network of qualified drug and alcohol collectors and testers, supported by a suite of technology-leading products, verified and compliant to saliva drug standards NZS4760:2019 and urine drug standards NZS4308:2008. Results are provided on-the-spot followed up with expert knowledge and support.

Specialists in oral fluid testing

Drugwise are the drug risk management experts.

Drugwise is at the forefront of the uptake of oral fluid drug screening throughout New Zealand. Drugwise brings together a group of NZQA qualified collectors and screeners boasting a broad spectrum of workplace and industry experience giving you the skills and expertise and empathy to effectively manage risk of drug and alcohol impairment in your workplace.
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Why implement Workplace Drug testing?

Proposed Cannabis Law reforms, a focus on mental health, wellness, labour and skills shortages can bring challenges to employers juggling the demands of latest safety legislation, AS/NZS4308:2008 and new NZ Standards AS/NZS4760:2019 there to protect you and your workers every day.

Protecting Workplaces, People and Jobs

Drugwise delivers workplace friendly drug and alcohol risk management programmes combining breath alcohol, urine drug and oral fluid drug test methods with a true focus on risk management.
  • Reduce the risk to your business

    Drug and alcohol related harm can result in reputational damage to a business and affect people’s lives, livelihood, futures, mana, whanau and the wider community and these costs can be devastating.

  • Drug & Alcohol Policies

    Drugs or alcohol use in its many forms recreational, medicinal, or misuse and dependence - impacts the workplace, your people, families/Whanau and the reputation and success of a business. Being under the influence of drugs and or alcohol in the workplace represents a hazard as defined in the Health and Safety at work act 2015 and this is a risk that can be identified and managed for the safety of the workplace, people and jobs.

Latest News

  • Illegal drug use during COVID-19

    Have people turned to illegal drugs to help get them through the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Evaluation of On-Site Oral Fluid Drug Screening Devices

    I am very excited to share with you the attached study summary (Download) and the full report available on request (to ala@drugwise.nz ) of a recent oral-fluid device comparison by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US. This is a trully independent trial of  saliva drug test devices internationally recognised as used for drugged driving policing and may help you in YOUR choice.

  • Drug use among older adults a 'hidden epidemic'

    Drug abuse among people over 65 year olds is a hidden and growing problem globally, international experts say, and worrying trends are emerging among New Zealand's older people too.